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Social Impact

In recent decades our concept of happiness has been impeded by the various trends that govern our lifestyles and decision making. Increasingly we look for gratification in money, work, status and power, but often feel unfulfilled and disappointed at the lack of self-potential we can attain. In the noblinders journey we believe that intuition, growth, and success can be developed by reconnecting with nature, and interacting with others through meaningful experiences. Aside from donating 6% of all of our profits, we emphasize 3 additional causes; human interaction, hands on activities, and ecological awareness.


“If you’ve come here to help me, you’re wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

-Indigenous Australian
Lilla Watson


Human Interaction: We partner with foundations that have more passion and love than money and resources. Fundacion Semillas de Amor in Cali, Colombia, is a non-profit entity with the goal of improving the quality of life of underprivileged children diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, who live outside of the city with limited access to medical resources. Far away from their families, this foundation provides the children shelter, nutrition, recreation, education, counseling, legal assistance, and medical attention. All of these services are offered with dignity, love, respect from the help of private entities and citizens. But, aside from money and resources, these kids need affection, company, and the opportunity to smile and enjoy life. During the 10-day experience, we will have the privilege of interacting with them in an engaging and meaningful way. Believe us, this will be a direct arrow of fulfillment and joy to the heart.



Hands On: Besides providing meaningful interaction, we want to see tangible changes and improvements in our community, which is why we partnered up with Fundacion Una Promesa Para Ti (UPPT), a non-profit organization that helps kids under the age 14 who live in the Calvario, a neighborhood in Cali ridden with addiction and prostitution. These kids grow up without basic needs and proper care, and the foundation steps in by providing weekly dinners, organizing food drives, and building safe zones for hanging out. We will be participating in various projects to help carry out their mission.



Ecological Awareness: Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, and the third country with the most coffee production after Brazil and Vietnam. Most argue that Colombia has the best mild well-balanced coffee, which points to the unwavering commitment of the local farmers to high quality sustainable products. We have partnered up with Café Villa Laura, a sustainable coffee farm which is aware of their footprint and they are making a difference in their coffee production. Here you will meet coffee farmers who are betting on a “third wave of coffee,” a movement that produces some of the best coffee in the world. They do so by altering and improving the stages of coffee from plant growing, harvesting, fermentation, and drying of the grain. Imagine a Napa Valley for coffee, and understating coffee as a fine wine rather than a cup of caffeine with cream and sugar. These farmers are able to obtain citric and floral notes never experienced in the coffee grains of this area. You will have hands on experience in this revolutionary movement, and will meet with coffee farmers to learn about the importance of the fair price of coffee. You will enjoy an exclusive access to laboratories where coffee is categorized and classified depending of its extraordinary characteristics. We will also explore the rising financial turmoil, and the dilemmas faced by local farmers who are operating in a continual loss. You will spend the night here in a tranquil environment where the air has beautiful aroma, and the birds serve as your alarm clock.


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