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Our Story

The noblinders story began November 2016 in Dallas, TX, a time which signified our strong desire towards self growth and the pursuit of our own hopes and ambitions. We had both graduated from the University of Central Florida, held well paying jobs, were recent home-owners, and had superficially followed every logical step to a "happy" life. But nothing of what we were doing on the day to day, and on an ongoing basis felt significantly meaningful and self-fulfilling.

Essentially, we were trapped in the rat race and felt the urgency to reconnect our souls to two things that really mattered to us, travel and rewarding human interactions. When we realized that our personal growth and happiness depended on the next decisions we made in life, we knew that there was no room for compromise, and we were no longer blind to what compelled us to be the best version of ourselves.

In our journey towards self-actualization, we wanted to start a project that inspired others to pursue greater meanings through sustainable travel, and to offer powerful experiences through human interaction, social impact, and ecological awareness. We picked the Southwest part of Colombia as our first destination because we felt deeply enchanted with its beauty and culture. Also, David grew up there and we knew that it would be a good starting point, as well as an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends.

We quickly came to realize that this part of the country is truly extraordinary and often underrated; it has breathtaking views with endless lush green mountains, and deeply rooted cultural costumes far beyond the Salsa we all know and love. Furthermore, it has specific human and ecological needs that need to be explored with great awareness and deep compassion, which is why we are dedicated to donating 6% of our gains to the organizations and causes that we stand with.

We have handpicked authentic unforgettable experiences filled with outdoor activities, nightlife, food, culture, volunteerism, and activism. Our goal is to reach out to individuals hungry for a change who want to step out of the race and travel with a purpose.

Chantal & David - Founders of noblinders


“When you step out of your
comfort zone and connect
with nature and people in a
meaningful way, it empowers
you to reach your full potential”






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Don't Get Caught Up In The Race

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